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Employment service center Kieppi – Meaningful stories for working life

Kieppi is an easily accessible employment service center for people of all ages, which operates as a multidisciplinary service with a one-stop principle. We offer free services to promote employment in the Kuusamo area. You will receive help on site, supported by a multidisciplinary team, or we will direct you to a suitable service.

Are you looking for a place to work or study? Do you need an author for the job? With help of experts of employment service center Kieppi, we can find services and open jobs in Kuusamo that suit your needs.

Our services:

  • Various workshops, events and other activities are organized in Kieppi.
  • There will be “visiting stars”, e.g. education and job agents, a health nurse, a youth worker and other cooperating parties.
  • You can come to Kieppi in a walk-in style without making an appointment.
  • We provide summer work for young people, summer employees for the city and companies and associations.
  • Ohjaamo Kuusamo for the youth is part of Kieppi’s service.
  • Kieppi also serves employers and entrepreneurs or those planning to become entrepreneurs.
  • We offer employers recruitment services and expert assistance related to support employment.
  • International services offer support, advice and guidance to foreigners who have moved to Kuusamo for various reasons in order to promote integration and settlement.

Come visit us, you’ll find us at the Kuusamo town hall!