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Summer job in Kuusamo

Looking for a summer job in Kuusamo? Everything about summer work in Kuusamo for jobseekers and employers.

We provide summer work for young people, summer employees for the city, companies and associations.

The city of Kuusamo supports the summer employment of young people from Kuusamo between the ages of 15 and 29. There are summer jobs in different work units of the city’s industries, or alternatively, the young person has the opportunity to get a summer work voucher, which can be used to get a job at a company, association or church.

We coordinate the summer job offer of the city of Kuusamo, operate the summer work voucher and guide those interested in summer entrepreneurship. You can also ask about the possibility of using summer work to advance your studies.


Summer job in Kuusamo

The city of Kuusamo supports the summer employment of young people from Kuusamo between the ages of 15 and 29. Summer jobs of the city of Kuusamo, you can improve working life skills and get to know the services provided by the city and be part of the working community that produces services. The city of Kuusamo offers versatile summer jobs in kindergartens, museums, youth work, park maintenance and sports services.

You have access to one of the following forms of support for the City of Kuusamo’s summer job:

  • A 2-week summer job according to the “Get to know the working life and Earn” model of the city’s industries
  • A 1-month summer job in the city’s industries for a student or unemployed job seeker
  • summer work voucher, which can be used for summer jobs offered by the company, association or church. Ask us about open company positions!


Summer work voucher

The summer work voucher is intended for students and unemployed job seekers aged 15–29. The value of the voucher is 200 euros. The summer work can also take place outside of Kuusamo. The summer work voucher can also be used to establish a 4H company or for other own business activities.

Please note that one summer work voucher is available for each young person. You can get a voucher even if you don’t have a summer job yet.


For the employer

Local companies and associations have been offering young people from Kuusamo many summer jobs in various fields for years. At the best time, numerous employers are looking for active and enthusiastic young people for summer jobs.

The city of Kuusamo offers employers a summer job voucher to support summer employment for young people. The summer work voucher can be redeemed for all young people who meet the criteria they hire. The employer should check the criteria of the summer work voucher before agreeing a summer job with the young person.

Would you like to offer a young person a summer job? Report an open summer job for us!

In summer work, you can also take advantage of the youth employment support to employ an unemployed jobseeker from Kuusamo under the age of 30. The support is 50% of the gross salary or 1000 EUR/month. Support can be received for 1-12 months. Ask our specialists for more information!

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