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Employment services

We offer free services to job seekers and employers in Kuusamo.

We offer free services to promote employment in the Kuusamo area. Are you looking for a place to work or study? Do you need an worker for the job? With the help of employment service center Kieppi’s experts, you can find the right services and open jobs in Kuusamo.

We work closely with the city of Kuusamo, companies and associations, as well as educational institutions, so that we can offer our customers the most comprehensive services to support employment.

We offer employers recruitment services and expert assistance related to support employment, and we also provide skilled labor for companies’ needs. The employment service center Kieppi provides employment services for the city of Kuusamo, in addition, employment is promoted through development projects.


For job seeker

Are you looking for a direction in working life or would you like to change fields? We help you map the future direction and opportunities that working life has to offer you.

From us you can get personal and individual guidance and advice for identifying and developing your own skills. We assist you in preparing your CV and job application, and organize various recruitment and training events.

We help you think about different options for your employment. Our services consist of e.g. from the evaluation of the customers’ first-stage service needs, we guide and advise customers on unemployment security issues, job search and skills development.

We cooperate extensively with employers and educational institutions. If necessary, we also assemble our cooperation network to support customer work. We are very familiar with the various service offerings and employment opportunities in the area. In our work, we also use public employment services. During personal meetings, individual paths to the job market that meet your needs are planned together with you.

Whether you are recently unemployed, long-term unemployed, able to work part-time or planning to change your field and you need help moving things forward, contact us and we will tell you how we can help you in your job search or career planning.


For employer

Employment service center Kieppi’s employment services provide employers with the mediation of jobs and employees. You can also get advice and guidance related to recruitment, salary support and employment subsidies from us. We also organize recruitment and training events. You can also get advice and guidance related to recruitment, salary support and employment subsidies from us.

Contact us, and together we will find the services and employees that suit your needs!


Employment subsidies

The city of Kuusamo offers various forms of employment support for private and third-sector employers who employ young or long-term unemployed people from Kuusamo. Employment grants are coordinated through the Employment service center Kieppi within the framework of the annually allocated funds of the city of Kuusamo. For a job seeker, subsidized work can be a way back to the labor market or an opportunity to get to know a new field. If you are an unemployed jobseeker, you have the opportunity to apply for subsidized work from various employers.

Employment service center Kieppi’s experts help you find the right solutions for your needs. Don´t hesitate to ask!

Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can help you!

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